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iTunes. More than one person can ask yourself is exactly that, iTunes. To clarify the curiosity of many, let’s say that iTunes is an integral part of Apple, it is a part of computers, in addition to your other mobile devices such as iPod, iPad or iPhone. But not everything here is also iTunes can be installed on computers or PCs with other operating systems like Microsoft Windows.

At its inception, the company Apple was not the owner of iTunes, but it was acquired by another company. This company was called Casidy & Greene, who developed and was its first versions. These developers are those that shaped iTunes, and more specifically Bill Kincaid. In the beginning, not the iTunes application call, but was known by SoundJam MP.

In the early days of 2001, when it was unveiled iTunes in the market, more specifically the January 9th, and came with the Mac OS 9 Its usefulness in those days it was only as a music player. Then, a few months later, the version for OS X, and transformed into the 2.0 app was launched. Since then, the software has now become a very important part of all users of the Apple systems.

From there, the functionality for iTunes have been increasing, updated several times to make the application is known today, always leaves us through iTunes, watch movies, listen to music, make our playlists, move between our images and more. For Apple, this application provides users with a complete entertainment, but surely you can always expand.

When we get used to using some specific devices or computers, we find it a bit shocking when switching to other devices with different technology, and this usually happens to those who migrate first devices with the apple symbol.

ITunes can mean several things, therefore, may have different definitions as to be both mobile devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod) to computers, an app that acts as a media player. But it would be correct to say that is an organizer for media type, also serving as online store for electronic books, music, movies and more. For books electronic type, it has to integrate this application with iTunes Store.


We can also see the definition that the company itself Apple makes iTunes, where it says:

iTunes is a free application that lets you organize and play digital music and video on your computer. It is also a store that has everything you need to entertain. That makes it the best place to listen, watch, read, play and shop.”

This app is essential for the functions of the Apple devices, since not only can play multimedia content type, but also makes a link between synchronizing computers and laptops, or between mobile type devices like iPod, iPhone or iPad. Therefore, it is the means to move media files type, a desktop device to another mobile.

Because many users have installed on their computers, Windows, Apple OS has different versions of iTunes for this system of Microsoft, also can synchronize our mobile devices that have Windows PC.
It can also be integrated with iCloud iTunes, producing a mix that makes cloud to keep all the videos and all music. This allows from any of our devices, we can access these multimedia files without connecting to the computer.

There are cases in which, unfortunately, we must make our devices are to be restored. iTunes helps you because you perform this operation you have to relocate the factory settings, simply download the app on your device by going to the page and download it.


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